Commission a Portrait of your Pet - Cat, Dog, Horse or a Person Portrait from Photo
The portrait will be painted in oils on a canvas panel.

All that I need is a good and clear photo which you can either post or email me (if posted safe
return guaranteed) to create a unique painting which could be either a gift for any occasion or
simply a chance to capture a perfect moment that a photo never could.

Generally speaking the painting process will take around 4 to 6 weeks ( this is due to the drying
times of the oil paints ). But during the painting process itself you will be kept continually
updated with digital images of the work in progress , and when the painting is actually finished
you will be sent a scan of the painting for your final approval before posting.

12 x 10 inches £300
12 x 16 inches £350
20 x 16 inches £400
24 x 18 inches £450
30 x 20 inches £500

Please note this price is for a painting with a simple background for a more detailed background
please ask for a quote.


Portraits of people take a little longer than cats or dogs. Quite often there will be 3 or 4 layers of
paint involved and so the process can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks, but apart from that
and the fact I might need more photos (professionally taken photos are the best for portraits of
people) the process of commissioning a portrait of a person is basically the same.
John Payne - Pet, Dog and Person Portrait Artist
Portrait of a Personersons by John Payne 1 Portrait of a Personersons by John Payne 2 Portrait of a Personersons by John Payne 3 Portrait of a Personersons by John Payne 4
Commission a Portrait of a Person from Photo
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